Feng Shui Water Fountain – Improve Your Home With the Sound of Water

The feng shui water fountain is a great tool that is known to attract good luck and prosperity. It can be placed in select locations both inside and outside of the home. Use a bagua map to locate specific areas related to wealth and select an appropriate fountain. Water fountains combine sound and movement as a cure to both retain and activate the ‘qi’ or energy of the space. If situated in the right spot, the constant stream of cascading water can harnesses the ‘qi’ in the area that needs it the most.

Water fountains come in a number of different materials, including metal, bamboo and ceramic. Each one of these materials represent an element that is the foundation of feng shui, namely metal, wood and earth. To determine which material to use, you have to look at how the five elements interact with each other and find out which element works best with water. If you take a look at the destructive cycle of the five elements, you will learn that earth destroys or dissolves water. This means that the element earth should not be combined with water, therefore you need to avoid using a ceramic water fountain in your home. If you take a look at the productive cycle of the five elements, you will learn that metal produces or carries water. This means that the element metal should be combined with water, the combination of the two actually makes the water more powerful as a feng shui remedy.

Water fountains also come in a variety of shapes and sizes. It should be obvious that smaller sized fountains are better suited for inside the home while larger ones are appropriate for the outside. There are tabletop options as well as wall mounted for the indoors. An outdoor fountain however, should be big enough to act as the centerpiece of a garden. Based on basic principles of the art of placement, round shapes are preferred although fountains are available in a number of different shapes. You don’t necessarily have to go with round, simply choose one that is fitting in your home.

The key to effectively using the sound and movement cures of water is to place the feng shui water fountain in an appropriate area of the home. This can be accomplished by locating them on a bagua map. Since the fountain represents the element water, it should be placed in areas of a room or an entire home that is associated with either water or wood. The fountain can only fully serve its purpose of enhancing the flow of ‘qi’ in places that can benefit from its presence. One place to be aware of is the bedroom. This room is tricky, because it is where you sleep. The constant flow of water can prove to be too distracting and cause restlessness in this particular room. That is not to say that it completely does not belong in the bedroom. In fact, there are certain situations that make it appropriate for that part of the house. Since water is a powerful remedy, it should be dealt with carefully. Seek the services of a professional if you are looking to use it correctly to help improve your life.

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