Feng Shui For Your Garden – Part 2

In the last installment we explored how a water feature (ponds, swimming pools, waterfalls, or fountain) can improve the feng shui of your garden. Although a water features are great feng shui, you must take note on where you install it. Never install any water feature on the right hand of the garden (right hand as you look out of the door). Although this will bring in lots of wealth luck, it will cause infidelity among lovers and couples in the household.

Another great feng shui tip is to use the green dragon and white dragon formula. In feng shui, the Chinese believe that the environment is governed by four celestial creatures- the green dragon, white tiger, black tortoise and phoenix. We can emulate the elements of the green dragon and white tiger in the garden. As you look out from the front of your house, the right hand side of the garden represents the white tiger and the left, the green dragon. The left side of your garden should always be higher than the right, so that the green dragon can control the aggression of the white tiger. This can be done by having higher plants and shrubs on the left side of the garden.

Trees and flowers are also wonderful feng shui energizers. They generate a lot of fresh chi that is good for the home. There are however, some trees that are more auspicious than others. The bamboo, for instance, is a symbol of good health and longevity. Strong, solid tress like pine trees and oaks are also good feng shui as they represent strength. There are certain trees and plants which are not as auspicious. Willows are beautiful trees, but their fragile and weak demeanor signifies illness and weaknesses. Cactus or plants with lots of thorns are also not auspicious. Tall slender trees such as the coconut tree or palms are also not favorable. Their long and slender trunks resemble poison arrows that can be harmful for the household.

The trees that you plant should never overwhelm your house. Trees should be proportionate to the compound of your home. They should also be planted on the sides of the gardens and should not be in direct view from the font door.

After all said and done, there is one final tip for your garden. If you have decided to have luscious garden, you must commit to keeping it trim and beautiful. An overgrown garden with lots of weeds and untrimmed plants is extremely bad feng shui as they accumulate stagnant chi.

There is so much you can do to your garden to create good feng shui. Watch out for the next installment of garden feng shui. Meanwhile, happy gardening!

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