A Definitive Review of the iLive IH319B CD and Radio Home Music System

A Definitive Review of the iLive IH319B CD and Radio Home Music System

I’m a music lover and I make sure that my interests are all provided by my home. And adding the iLive IH319B CD and Radio Home Music System in my home entertainment system is not only awesome, it’s also very satisfying. Here are some of the features that might interest you as well.


This is a pretty simple device if you look at it. Without an iPod docked inside, you’d think the motorized door was just a fluff or something. The buttons are few and simple, but it has a remote control so you don’t have to worry about navigating through the device. It’s wide so you have to make space for it, but it’s thin so you can just free some front space and lean it to fit. The motorized door needs space, though, and it’s better to keep the front area open so you can operate it easily.

The black finish is excellent as it is easy to blend in any home d├ęcor. The motorized door is an exciting feature that makes the device an innovative item, and the built-in speakers completely provide total functionality that you need in any home music system.


The LCD has a white backlight and displays various information like the song title and artist of the soundtrack being played on the iPod, the CD track number and length of song being played, the frequency of the radio station that you’re tuned in to, and even the time and a countdown timer for extra functionality.


The sound quality is excellent enough for the size and the price, and I can say I’m completely happy with it. Radio tuning is easy on this device because it uses digital tuning, and it allows you to save preset stations so you can just choose the channel that you want and sit cozily while listening to your favorite station. The digital volume control can be easily adjusted at a distance using the remote control. The stereo speakers with cloth grills are safe from dust invasion, prolonging the life of your stereo system. They also produce excellent quality sound for better listening and entertainment. You can also adjust the equalizer to presets according to your preference.

The CD player can play CD-R/RW formatted discs, and you can also program the CD tracks to repeat and random. You also have the choice to play music from external music sources using the AUX jack which can be connected to MP3 players and other music devices.

Other Features

The remote control makes navigation and operation easy for this device. You can also use a headphone for private listening by connecting it to the audio out jack. The digital clock doesn’t just show time, it also provides a countdown timer so if you need to finish an activity within a specific span of time, you can use this to guide you and prevent you from getting late.

The iPod dock plays your iPod tracks while charging the device so you won’t have to worry about emptying your iPod’s batteries. You can also view photos while playing music because you can still operate the iPod while on the dock. The device operates on AC/DC, and perhaps the only thing lacking on this is a battery back-up.


I have to say I highly recommend the iLive IH319B CD and Radio Home Music System to anyone who wants to add a functional, stylish, and excellent music player in his home. This is a very remarkable device and despite its flaws, its affordable price makes it a good bargain that you won’t regret getting. So if your wife loves music or your daughter wants her own stereo system in her room, this could be one of the best gifts you can get them this Christmas.

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