Cheap Home Security Systems – False Security?

It is said that we get what we pay for. Does this mean that when you buy cheap home security system, you don’t get the right protection you need? And for the same manner, does an expensive home security system assure you that your house is already immune to burglary? While expensive security systems are nice, let us not disregard common sense when choosing home security system. Remember, there is no such thing as total security so no matter how much you spend for security devices, the risk is still there. What you should do is to carefully select the security devices you actually need and get the best out of your budget.

Ways to protect your home without spending too much

Replace padlocks and door knobs. It takes criminals less than 2 minutes to enter a home. If they are delayed for another minute, most burglars will give up and try another home. This is why a trusty padlocks and door knobs are enough to keep burglars away. Place at least one deadbolt for added security. Time is essential to any crime; use this against them.

Replace doors. Security can easily be breached if you have hollow or weakened doors. Don’t wait for someone to completely destroy them. Use metal or all-wood doors as replacements. Glass sliding doors should have secondary locks to prevent them from being lifted out of the track or pried open.

Secure your windows. Most burglars can easily get through windows than doors. If your windows are properly secured by installing additional locks, you remove from them a big opportunity to enter your home.

Secure garage doors. If windows and doors are inaccessible, garage doors will be their last option. Make sure that you do not give any chance for thieves to use garage doors as their entry point. Install additional locks and keep them secured even if you’re at home.

Place a yard sign. Convincing potential burglars that your home is protected with security system is an effective way to deter burglars. A yard sign that says something like “Keep Off: House protected with surveillance cameras” is enough to scare thief away whether you really have them or not.

Set up dummy cameras – They cost as little as $20 each but they are very effective in keeping criminals off your property. Why are some homes more vulnerable to burglary than other? It is because burglars choose a house where they can do their business without being seen. So, if they are convinced that a home is equipped with cameras, they stay away from it and move to another house with less security protection.

Cheap security is not false security. One surveillance camera located to the only entry and exit point of your house will do the job. A webcam and stalled at your doorstep which is connected to your computer will allow you know who is at your door. A good security light that eliminates the possible hiding places for crooks will discourage anyone from entering your property. A motion detector connected to an alarm system can scare intruders away. Home security doesn’t have to be expensive. Buy only what is necessary.

Keeping your home safe without additional cost

Most burglary happens while you are away or on a vacation. But this does not mean that you have to spend thousands of dollars for security devices just to be able realize your dream vacation. There are ways to keep your home safe without spending a dime.

1. Arrange someone to have your lawn mowed.

2. Lock all your doors and windows.

3. If you have a newspaper or magazine subscription, ask your neighbor to collect it from your doorsteps. Or call your subscription company to stop the delivery while you’re away.

4. Have your mail stay at your post office box while you’re away.

5. Closed drapes are a sure indication that the house is empty plus it gives burglars an opportunity to do their business without being seen by the neighbors. So leave the drapes open.

6. Use timers to turn the lights and television on and off for certain times. This creates an occupied look.

7. Tell your trusted neighbors about your plans.

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