Unwanted Guests! Home Invasions

As I review the papers across North America, I am disheartened to read about the rise in brutal home invasions.

What is a Home Invasion?

Home invasion occurs when a person or persons enter an occupied home with the intent of committing a crime while threatening the residents. This crime has a tendency of being particularly brutal where by the residents are usually tied up and sometimes beaten or worse.

Home Invasions are scary and threaten our belief that we are the safest in our homes.

These bad guys and gals are looking for opportunities to enter your home with the least amount of effort, the lowest risk with the highest gain. Your job is to make your home less attractive to the criminals!

You do this by making it very difficult to gain access, restrict their ability to view their possible gain and make your home look like they will be seen or caught if they enter your home.

Top 10 tips to keeping you and your family safe:

1 ) Keep your doors locked at all times!

2 ) Secure your windows and their screens.

3 ) Prune or remove trees and shrubs that hide your windows and doors from view or give the bad guys a place to hide.

4 ) Leave your lights on at night or install motion sensors that turn your lights on when there is movement.

5 ) Make sure your lights are out of reach and protected so that they can not be broken or removed.

6 ) Get an alarm system – learn how to use it – activate it even when you are home – put a keypad in your master bedroom and learn how to use the panic / emergency buttons all alarm systems come with.

7 ) Take a look at the Smart Home Technology available to you. This technology enhances your traditional alarm system. My favourite is http://www.nexgencontrols.com

8 ) Change up your routine! Do not be predictable.

9 ) Appear to have lots of people who live in the home or are there when a stranger comes knocking – better yet – get a dog or make it look like you have a dog.

10 ) Above all else – TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS!

God forbid you become a victim of a home invasion.

What should you do?

You need to be quiet, calm, co operative and observant in order to keep your safety and to help the police catch the bad guys.

1 ) Quiet and Stay Calm – now is the time to keep level headed.

2 ) Co-Operate but do not go anywhere with them – Remember that no material possession is worth your life!

3 ) Observe -Your job now is to remember as much as you can about the bad guys – scars, tattoos, eyes, nose, mouth, odours – tobacco, alcohol, aftershave or cologne, do they have an accent etc.

And my final tip for today is – Get to know your neighbours and your neighbourhood. Protect one another and look out for one another by knowing what is “normal” for your neighbourhood.

Be Safe!

Sherry June 1, 2009

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