The Principles of Bedroom Lighting

The Principles of Bedroom Lighting

Most of the time, when it comes to lighting design, the bedroom is pretty much neglected and is usually left without any lighting design. The living room and the kitchen are usually emphasized with designs because they are often seen by visitors and the bedroom is rejected because guests do not usually enter the bedroom.

Although the bedroom is off limits to visitors, it does not mean that you will have to leave it with simple lighting. In fact, you should even concern yourself in putting a lot of your own design and style when it comes to lighting because you are the one who is using that room, not your visitors.

Furnishing your home with different lighting should be aimed not to please your visitors but to please yourself. You are the one who is living inside your home then you should find ways in making it comfortable as possible.

The principles of bedroom lighting is the same with any lighting principle. There should be the right kind of task lighting inside the bedroom, there should be ambient lighting to see things clearer, and mood lighting to get the right feel inside the bedroom.

Task lighting is for you to finish up your work or your favorite book. By placing lamp shades and other forms of lighting focused on your work, you will be able to set a tone inside your bedroom as a mere place for solitude and comfort. This allows you to have more focus on work and give yourself a brighter light to work on.

Ambient lighting is for safety purposes. You will have to install lighting fixtures that allows you to see the entire room and avoid any mishaps.

Now, you will be able to see the entire room without any chances of accidents or spills from the perfumes on your dresser.

Mood lighting allows you to have a dramatic feel inside the bedroom. Softer, dimmer lights allow a more romantic feel to the room thus you are able to sleep well or have a romantic ambience together with your partner.

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