Luxury Vinyl Tile Vs Tile

Tile has always been a popular choice in many rooms of a house, if not the entire house. Today’s consumers have become more demanding when it comes to certain characteristics of a floor. Finding a floor that is compatible with a person’s lifestyle along with comfort has become increasingly popular in demand. They’re many options out there that simulate real products. One of these is luxury vinyl tile.

So what are the benefits of luxury vinyl tile? First off, LVT is more comfortable that regular tile. Vinyl tile is softer under foot along with warmer and quieter. Cleaning grout is a major concern when it comes to Tile. With LVT you have the option of installation with or without grout. Installation with grout will make your floor appear more authentic, but keep in mind that vinyl tile without a grout installation will still fool the average person in your home. Most of the products are stain resistant and durable. They often come with stain, fade, and wear through warranties.

What are some things I should be concerned about? With tile, a major concern is if a chip or crack occurs. With real tile you are stuck with that chip or crack. With luxury vinyl tile it is an easy repair anytime this problem occurs. Even if the chip happens in the middle of the room, it can be repaired with or without grout. Always purchase an extra carton of the floor you select for this reason. If you decide to have a non-grouted installation we recommend you pick at least a medium color. Having a light color with this installation tends to lead to black streaks or dirt around each individual tile. If your confident you will keep your floor clean at all times then pick whatever color that you want.

Designing around LVT will not be a problem when it comes to the brands Congoleum Duraceramic, Armstrong Alterna, and Mannington Adura. These brands do a great job of offering a variety of colors, patterns, and versatility to be installed with other products. For example, you can mix and match colors along with matching luxury vinyl tile and luxury vinyl plank. This gives you a great wood and tile look. Another creative thing you can do is inlays and designs for borders allowing you to get real imaginative with these products. Luxury vinyl tiles are versatile, durable, and eliminate the negative factors of selecting tile for your home. Many of these products have excellent characteristics that make you think that the product is real. The appearance is not cheap or fake looking even if the design is not meant to imitate a tile. These patterns are great to design around. So next time your looking for tile as your next floor keep the option of luxury vinyl open.

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