Scrapbooking Fonts – Three Simple Steps for Choosing the Right Ones

You may be familiar with catalogs comprising of the best and coolest scrapbooking fonts. From Fourth of July scripts to kids’ popular layouts and stickers, you will be able to find the perfect fonts and ideal scripts meant for every theme, event or occasion. Surely, spending some money through catalogs won’t hurt you, but when it comes to scrapbooking, other less expensive options are also widely available.

Here are several guidelines on how to use, choose and even make your own popular scrapbooking fonts:

Go for personalized pages and layouts by means of customization

Scrapbook layout pages do not only consist of pictures. In it are name tags, school invites, and wedding invitations. All things that help us in creating the perfect layout prove useful and by using popular and scrapbooking fonts, adding a personal touch becomes more possible. Also, it is best to remember that scrapbooking doesn’t need to be an expensive hobby or form of leisure. Instead of purchasing scrapbooking supplies, might as well create your own. By means of using available software like MS Word, writing out phrases and titles for your scrapbooking needs becomes easier and accessible. Stickers, tags and invitations are also personalized once you create your own set of fonts.

Set the tone and mood by choosing themed and popular fonts

Didn’t you know that what makes scrapbooking really popular is the idea of creating your own pages based on your choices, preferences, setting or moods? It’s like having a memoir in the form of pictures and mementos. Surely, words and phrases are also being used, however, the focal point remains to be the image or photo.

Setting the tone and mood for your pages is the principal rule when it comes to choosing scrapbooking fonts. You may be seeing a number of scripts that define kids, teen or babies’ layouts. Choosing among these is also difficult at some point. True enough, these scripts add quality to your scrapbook page and its overall look. And as a scrapbooker, you need to find a type of font or script that best represents your theme, ideas and thoughts.

Make use of readable and simple fonts

Scrapbooking fonts must be simple and comprehensible. This is the mantra if you want to turn your scrapbooking pages into tales of friendship, loyalty, marriage or passion. Be reminded that a scrapbook is meant to keep memories by preserving important pictures. Therefore, what you need the least are distractions. Journaling, at one point, is helpful especially in terms of getting important messages and letters across.

However, using a complicated text or script makes your layout unintelligible. This means that the pictures in line with the embellishments can be in their grandest form, but once titles and journals appear confusing because of unnecessary flairs and loops, then the theme is ruined for sure.

Therefore, simplicity should be the school of thought. Besides, journaling in scrapbooking are supposed to be great additions and not subtractions. Letters and phrases do not have to take away the theme’s substance because of incomprehensible scripts and fonts. Besides, scrapbooking remains essential because of its underlying messages and thoughts.

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