Scrapbook Retreats: The Newest Craze

The scrapbooking has risen to be 2.5 billion per year industry. It has exceeded the popularity of golfing, with one out four homes containing a scrapbooker. Hobbyists can find supplies, materials and even digital software aimed at scrapbook creations. With such a high-rising trend, now a new phenomenon has been growing in numbers. The latest trend? Scrapbook retreats.

What is a Scrapbooking Retreat

A scrapbook retreat is a hosted or un-hosted event when scrapbookers get together as a group to create scrapbooks. These retreats bring participants from all around the world, who have pre-planned scrapbooking projects. The retreats are a great way to socialize, share and relax with others who share your passion in scrapbooking.

How long to they go for?

These retreats usually last for about two days over a weekend. These events a great way to bring someone who is new to scrapbooking or you could opt to bring your scrapbooking friends. But the way the functions are set up, you don’t necessarily have to bring anyone. Scrapbook retreats are friendly and open, where people meet and form long-lasting friendships.

Hosted Retreats

Hosted retreats come with multiple options, as they all come with a host of amenities and activities. Some packages are held at spa retreats, allowing you to receive a luxurious massage or relax with a yoga session, when you’re not working on your scrapbooking projects.

There are even scrapbook boat cruises, allowing you to enjoy the on-board nightlife with drinking and dancing. Destinations for these scrapbook retreat cruises can include Hawaii, Mexico, Bahamas and the Caribbean. Then there are other retreat locations that center on nature, where accommodations are a lakefront property or offer a spectacular mountain view. Complete with hikes and nature walks.


Then you have the option of an un-hosted scrapbook retreat. These weekend-long retreats are held inside private residence. The retreat can include a group of friends or friendly strangers from out of state. Meals and chores are shared among all participants. And the cost is generally a lot lower than you would pay at a hosted scrapbook retreats.

What to Bring

Deciding what to bring at these retreats, depends on what supplies the retreat will have available. For example, a retreat with a die cut machine or eyelet setting tools, means you won’t need to bring your own.

Most retreats will have a list of what materials and equipment will be provided. If the retreat doesn’t list what’s available, for album scrapbooking, call them first before your day of departure. Be sure that you pre-plan which photos you want to bring and it’s a good idea to purchase your page kits ahead of time. 

Also if you plan on going to a hosted scrapbook retreat, factor in how much time you plan to spend on your scrapbook projects. You don’t think you’ll have a lot of time outside of your own projects, you can save money by choosing a retreat that doesn’t offer as much amenities and activities for its guests.

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