Patio Door Vertical Blinds – Finishes to Match Your Design

Door and window blinds have been popular because of how sleek they are designed by different designers. They come in different types like horizontal and patio door vertical blinds.

The term vertical is given on these blinds because their vanes or blades where placed in a vertical manner. This style is perfect for homeowners who have sliding glass doors since they will not obstruct the door upon opening since it will move at the same direction as the sliding door.

These blinds are made of different materials. The most common materials used for its vanes are fabric and vinyl. But aside from these materials, these patio door vertical blinds will also be different in terms of its finish. Just like any furniture or home solutions, they increase design value not only with how they are designed but also with the effect of its finish. The following are the different finishes that these blinds may have.

Intertwined woven fabric

Typically, these blinds are also made of fabric so you will get the fabric effect finish. The good thing about this style is that it will help you achieve a classy modern look in your house. If you will look closely, many people are already finding beauty with different fabric materials and its neutral color.

Marble effect

Vinyl patio door vertical blinds can also have a different finish aside from the regular vinyl fabric. These blinds use a lot of different colors in order to make the surface look like a marble surface. This will bring a contemporary style with a blend of natural beauty because of the marble effect. Just imagine having “marble” as your vertical blind.

Mirrored effect

Want to go with a very modern design? You will find joy in choosing the mirrored door blinds. Instead of getting a regular finish, these patio door vertical blinds look very shiny to make your home look very modern. The vanes of these door blinds have shiny silver or gold finishes that will add a futuristic effect on your home design. Most of the time, vines’ shiny finish were seen inside the home while neutral finishes are visible from outside.

Overall, patio door vertical blinds have good blade finishes that will increase your home’s beauty. As long as you have a design or theme in mind, you can match them easily with these blinds and complete your home design for a more presentable look.

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