Eyelets For Scrapbooking – How To Use And Attach Eyelets To Your Scrapbook Page Layouts

Eyelets For Scrapbooking – How To Use And Attach Eyelets To Your Scrapbook Page Layouts

Using eyelets for scrapbooking is a fantastic way to embellish and accessorise your scrapbook page layouts. Eyelets come in a vast array of styles, designs, shapes and sizes and are easily purchased in your local craft stores or online suppliers.

Using eyelets for scrapbooking is just one way to draw attention to a focal point on your scrapbook page layouts. Eyelets can also be used to fix other pieces of material to your scrapbook page such as ribbon, vellum paper or tags.

There are several ways in which an eyelet can be attached for your scrapbook ideas. The most common method is to use an eyelet setter, a hammer and a hole punch. Place a mat on a flat surface and lay your scrapbook paper or card on top. Use an eyelet hole punch to punch a hole where you want the eyelet to go. Then use a hammer to hit the top of the hole punch. If the hole you require is on the edge of the paper you can also use a standard hole punch to create the opening. Insert the eyelet into the hole and turn your scrapbook paper over. Place the eyelet setter on top of the eyelet and gently tap with the hammer until the back of the eyelet has become flattened.

With more and more people using eyelets for scrapbooking the old school method of using the hammer and the punch has become less common due to the noise and number of steps involved. These days crafters are turning to products such as the cropadile because it can set an eyelet quickly and quietly. The tool has everything you need in one so you are less likely to misplace your tools.

Using eyelets for scrapbooking can bring a whole new dimension to your scrapbook layouts. Once an eyelet has been placed on your scrapbook page you will then have an opening which is ideal for threading ribbon or wire through to accessories your scrapbook pages.

Eyelets are a very cheap way to bring a scrapbook page alive as they come in so many different designs and shapes you will be sure to find something to fulfil all your scrapbook ideas. If you what to add several different eyelets to your scrapbook supplies then consider purchasing your eyelets with a fellow scrapbook enthusiast. This way you can purchase packets of eyelets and share them with each other giving you a wider selection or eyelets for scrapbooking at a far lower cost.

If you are using eyelets for scrapbooking then it is wise to organise your eyelets so that they do not become lost due to their small size. It is possible to purchase special container to keep them safe or alternatively use house hold items such as Tupperware boxes to store your eyelets safely.

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