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Teaching Poker Details can be tracked as follows

First, understand the types of playing cards.

First, let’s first understand the different types of poker, which is the main form of popular card game worldwide. With the following

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-Texas Hold’em

Since this form is most popular among poker players because the gameplay is easier to understand than other forms, the main gameplay is to receive two cards and combine them with a community card. If you give up the entire table, the person with the largest card wins in that round.


The game style and rules are similar to Texas Hold’em but use different numbers. In this game format, 4 cards are dealt instead of 2 cards.

-Stud, card draw, high / low, jazz, HOS (h.o.r.s.e)

This is an extension of Texas Hold’em and Omaha, which have the same rules. Can further understand

How to play the following two forms


Simply put, players accumulate chips in a showdown indefinitely. Until the only remaining player is all the chips, the game form will be charged as scheduled

Cash games

Use chips or cash bets to play continuously without time limit. You can start playing or stop playing at any time. According to the rules, players can specify the minimum and maximum bets of each game according to their ability and quantity. This means real money is in the account itself

Poker rules

-Playing all kinds of poker starts with the dealer and is distributed to all players at the table to hold in their hands (holding cards).

The first person to start playing after everyone receives the full card is the person to the left of the licensing button. If playing a flop, it’s to the left of the big blind on the table

When the player sees the cards in his hand, he must decide one of the following 3 options

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Folding lets other players continue playing. If you don’t want to bet on that eye

Teaching Poker When you want to continue playing, call and place an amount equal to the blind price to continue playing

Raising increases the bet amount. Increase according to the maximum bet amount in the game. In this case, if there are other Raise players who continue to play, they must place the same bet. When all players are finished, if there are still 2 or more players, the dealer will issue a flop or community card to continue playing.

Poker terms you should know

The fold is when you don’t want to continue playing casino game. Then fold in the game. Let the next player continue

Raising means placing more bets. Depends on the rules of that game

The check is to pass without increasing the bet amount. Allow next player to play

The call is to place a bet equal to the blinds in order to continue playing the game.

The bet is the amount bet.

A flop is a community card that everyone can use. People can mix their cards together.

The dealer refers to the position of the last player. If there is no dealer card, the dealer must be the dealer for that round.

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